How much is a residential overhead garage door?

You should know that factors impact the cost of garage doors. So, to the question “What is the average cost of a single-car or a two-car garage door?”, the real answer is “It depends on what you are looking for.”

Sample house showing the 3 styles of garage doors: Carriage House, Contemporay and Traditional

7 Factors that influence the price of new garage doors

3 factors of the Look

1- Model Style

You love the timeless beauty of Carriage house garage doors? You’re craving real overlays, not an embossed design? Or maybe Modern is your middle name and you’re dreaming of all‑glass garage doors?

So for an approximate cost, the price of a Craftsman style, high-end wood-looking garage doors with real overlays is about 2x the price of an embossed steel door. The average cost of a glass garage door will be a bit higher than that.

2- Color

For you, Black garage doors are so chic? You’re in love with dark chocolatey Browns or Iron Grey garage doors?

Choose the color of your dreams! Between Garaga's Standard and Premium Colors, there is only a slight difference of $70 to $150 for a single garage door (9x7 approx.). You want a specific custom color? You wonder how much it costs to paint a garage door? Many Garaga dealers offer this service. The extra fee is per square foot.

3- Windows

For the WOW factor Outside and the sunlight Inside, is a garage door with windows a must for you? This feature might change the price by 25% to 50%. It depends on how many windows you want, the thermal value of the glass you choose, and the manufacturing process.

4 factors of the Construction

1- Size

Myth Busting! There is no such thing as standard size garage doors.

People who shop for two-car garage doors think that they must be 16x8, 14x7, or 18x10 feet. Those who are looking for a one-car garage door think that there are only 8x7 or 9x8 foot models. Some wonder if there are small garage doors (6x7, 7x8) for their shed. Keep in mind that your garage door is custom made to your dimensions.

As a matter of cost, the larger the door, the higher the price. It requires more materials, of course, but there are other construction features to watch for as well. For example, a large garage door of good quality will have reinforcement struts for more strength.

BUT, 2x bigger does NOT mean 2x more expensive!

Read this if you are not quite sure if you should choose 2 single doors or 1 double door.

2- Insulation

Saving on your energy bills and being comfortable is important for you? Then investing in a well‑insulated garage door may be the right choice.

The price varies based on the level of insulation. Garage doors insulated with polyurethane provide better insulation than those with polystyrene (Styrofoam). Have you heard about the R value? Garaga manufactures R-16, R-12 or non-insulated garage doors.

Other features should be checked out too. Weatherstripping plays a key role because it blocks air infiltration. Get the Garaga’s superior quality weatherstripping for less than $75. An investment that pays off.

What to watch for choosing a really energy-efficient garage door?

3- Steel or aluminum

You don’t know whether to pick a steel garage or aluminum garage door? Here are some price basics.

Steel with a woodgrain finish is the most common material used in manufacturing overhead garage doors. It is about 20% less expensive than aluminum.

If you do want a smooth steel door, the sheet metal will be thicker and heavier. Expect to pay about 50% more than for steel with a wood grain finish.

4- Hardware

You want your garage door to be safe. To last up to 25 years? To open/close easily? Hardware is the muscle that supports the movement of your door.

The quality of the rollers for a durable and quiet garage door system, the number of cycles guaranteed by the springs, the thickness of the tracks for added strength, the number of reinforcements on the door and the door configuration (depending on the available ceiling space, for example) all contribute to the cost of a door. Investing in a well-made hardware system will help extend the life of your garage door.

LiftMaster 87504-267 Garaga Door Operator

Cost of an installed garage door opener

You want an automatic garage door? Compared to those of big box stores, we sell, install, and repair LiftMaster door openers, by Chamberlain, which are quieter, safer and more durable.

Their costs vary between $450 and $1100 including the installation. Adding optional accessories, such as a remote control or a keypad, costs around $30 to $60.

And did you know that LiftMaster motors are smart too? They send alerts to your cell phone. One even has an integrated camera & 2‑way audio!

Renovation related work

Renovation-related work

Bet you haven’t thought about this! But the replacement of your old garage door for a new one also means some unavoidable costs.

Getting in touch with professional garage door installers gives you a good idea of the expenses related to changing a garage door, such as dismantling and getting rid of the existing door, rebuilding the door frame, covering the frame with aluminum sheeting, etc.

Our garage door technicians have a 360-degree view of your project. It’s their expertise and passion. They’ll tell you about the expenses incurred to replace a garage door before us showing up to your home with the new door.

A network of certified installers

Garage Door & Opener Installation

Ever had to strong‑arm your garage door? It was probably not installed properly. ​

Even the best quality garage door depends on the know-how of its installer to work well. Doing it yourself may not be the best idea. It is the biggest moving object of your home.

Trust professional installers for flawless work. Whether it be for an electric garage door or not, we guarantee our installation. Your garage door and door opener will last longer, be safer, and work at their very best.

An investment that pays off

Replacing your garage door with a better-looking, higher quality one ranks among the Top 5 most profitable home improvement projects.

You’re looking to compare your options or to set your budget? Get a quotation. It’s free. And the best way to have an accurate price.

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