August 4, 2011

Liftmaster Unveils Next Generation of Residential Garage Door Openers and Accessories!

LiftMaster, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers and access solutions, unveils the first wave of its next generation of feature-rich residential garage door openers and accessories at IDA 2011. Sporting an updated, sleek exterior, the new units are not only more aesthetically-pleasing on the outside but smarter on the inside. Driven by advancing technology and designed with capabilities greater than ever before, this innovative offering of residential openers are enabled by LiftMaster’s patented MyQ™ technology, the two-way communication system that allows these advanced units to open and close the garage door as well as manage other household devices from anywhere in the world.

This groundbreaking technology creates exceptional opportunities for professional installing dealers to maximize profits through selling up and providing their customers with the safest garage door opener on the market. The first entrants in the new lineup of residential garage door openers are the high-performing belt drive unit within the Elite Series™ (Model 8550) and a durable, reliable chain drive unit within the Premium Series (Model 8360). Additional new models will become available in 2012.

Superior Features

As the inaugural units of the new line of the LiftMaster family of residential garage door openers, both the LiftMaster Elite Belt Drive 8550 unit and the Premium Chain Drive 8360 unit are powered by highly-efficient DC motors and both come standard with LiftMaster’s fully integrated Battery Backup system. Now expanded to both the Elite and Premium Series lines, dealers can provide reliable battery backup benefits to their customers and meet each of their residential access and budget needs.

Outfitted with numerous features that benefit professionals during both installation and maintenance checks, LiftMaster integrated the new line of garage door openers with an enhanced logic board that features Security+® 2.0 technology. This superior, multi-frequency, narrow band radio system increases the ability to offer more safety and security features while helping to provide greater radio range performance to automatically find the right frequency for each installation, every time. The radio system within the new garage door openers greatly reduces any source of interference and increases the range of the unit.

In addition to state-of-the-art radio systems, setting the force and electronic travel limits has never been easier now that these units have a built-in automatic guidance feature, which means less time on the job adjusting them manually. During installation, these openers’ limit and force settings are programmed once by the touch of a button and will automatically readjust to adapt to weather and environmental conditions, requiring less maintenance and fewer callbacks to dealers for simple readjustments.

Coupled with the standard battery backup feature and the new Security+2.0 radio system, each of the units are also strengthened with MyQ™ technology, expanding the use of the garage door opener beyond only operating the garage door through an advanced, two-way communication system. Outfitted with two separate radios – the “worker” radio (Security+2.0 which uses 310, 315 or 390 MHz) and the “communication” radio (MyQ technology, which uses 900 MHz) — these openers have the ability to manage and activate other MyQ-enabled devices within the home, such as turning lights on or off or operating the garage door with the remote or from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or personal computer, depending on the type of LiftMaster accessory enabled by MyQ™ technology plugged into the household device. This pioneering capability allows dealers to offer today’s homeowners an entirely new level of affordable home activation as opposed to an expensive, hardwired home automation system.

“At LiftMaster, we are raising expectations through our new product line which represents the new standard in garage door openers and accessories,” states Ken Roehl, vice president sales and marketing, LiftMaster. “This new generation of residential garage door openers will provide professional installing dealers with the ability to realize maximum profit potential by creating more upsell opportunities, demonstrating greater product differentiation through unique designs and the advantage of improved reliability that reduce callbacks.”

Raising Expectations for Homeowners

To elevate convenience for homeowners and to provide dealers with layers of features to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, LiftMaster added Timer-to-Close functionality to the two new models that allows end-users to customize the settings for when their door will automatically close, whether one, five or 10 minutes after the door operates, ensuring their door is never left open by accident. Since the new line of LiftMaster garage door openers enabled by MyQ technology and the Timer-to-Close feature allows the garage door to close without being in the “line of site” of the door, these units comply with UL325 codes; UL325 requires audible and visual warnings to trigger 10 seconds before the door is about to close, again reinforcing LiftMaster’s commitment to providing the safest garage door openers available.

“Equipped with an exhaustive list of safety and security features and the ability to operate the door as well as other household items from the comfort of your home, office, gym or even in another country, the entire LiftMaster team is standing by to assist our dealers in the training, installing and sellin opportunities of this new remarkably smart line of products,” continues Roehl. “Truly a team effort, from research and development, engineering, product management, marketing, sales and collaboration with our dealers moving forward, we are thrilled to be introducing this extremely innovative line of residential garage door openers to our dealer partners at IDA this year.”

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