Garage door opener

May 17, 2017
Congratulations!  You’ve just upgraded to a new LiftMaster Opener.  We all know remotes are precious commodities, and most cars today have one built right in!  If your car has HomeLink, you’re in luck!
February 22, 2013
We often have customers call in and ask us if it is okay to replace their garage door opener bulb with an energy efficient light bulb.  The answer is Yes and No…it depends on your opener.
June 13, 2012
As the American home has evolved over the years, so too has the garage — both in the way it looks as well as its newfound functionality as the main entranceway to the home. In fact, more than 70 percent of homeowners enter and exit their home through the garage door now, relying on it as the new front door.
August 4, 2011
LiftMaster, the number one brand of professionally installed garage door openers and access solutions, unveils the first wave of its next generation of feature-rich residential garage door openers and accessories at IDA 2011.

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