Top 5 Garage Door Issues

It’s funny how many garage doors we repair that could have been easily dealt with by regular preventative maintenance. We’ve created a top five list to help you prevent costly issues you may have to handle.

Issue #1 Old Rollers

Through out the life of a garage door, rollers can move up and down the track system thousands of times. And just like tires on a car they wear out. To prevent costly repairs due to roller breakage, replace your rollers every 5-10 years.

Issue #2 Photoeye adjustments

The garage door, for most households, is the highest traffic area of the home. With kids, grandparents and pets using it as the main entrance it can be easy to bump, nudge or even remove the safety sensors on the garage door. If your garage door doesn’t close, the first thing you should check is your safety sensors and adjust accordingly. If you can hold constant contact on the wall button to close your door, you know photo eyes are your problem!

Issue #3 Lubricated operator/motor rail

Not all garage door openers need to be lubricated but the ones that do should be done so every 1-2 years. Screw drive operator rails need regular lubrication.

Issue #4 Operator/motor adjustments

Over time your garage door motor can lose some of the strength it has. A simple solution is adjusting the limit switches on your machine. The adjustment can be located on the side or back of most motors.

Issue #5 Garage door hinge lubrication

Lubricating your garage door hinges is a great way to keep them from breaking do to regular use. Simply take some lubricant, such as 100% silicone spray, and lightly spray them once a year for a quieter running door

I hope these simple solutions will help you in your garage door maintenance issues. If you need any more advise contact us at 508-752-4677!

Don’t forget, each spring we offer our 18 points Preventative Maintenance Special for only $75! This full check up will make sure your door is running properly all year long & avoid costly emergency repair bills!

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